Teach Me Tuesday: Big Shot Basics

Hey there friends! So I think you’ll be able to tell from today’s post and video that I’m struggling from the Monday-on-Tuesday blues. I’m feeling a little “off” today after coming down with the fastest cold ever last week (seriously, one minute I was fine and then two minutes later I felt like crap). I’m also still trying to sort out what to do/when with my new schedule. I’m having a blast, but still feeling a little discombobulated… Anyway, today, I’m sharing a card I made with the random pieces of cardstock I stamped and cut in this week’s Teach me Tuesday video. I really had no rhyme or reason when I pulled out scrap pieces to demonstrate with, but I figured out a way to make it work. So here is the finished card: Nothing super fancy… just playing with paper. Want to know what is really funny about this card, though (and further evidence that I’m struggling a bit this week??)? Look at how I put this one together: Oopsie… see, I told you I was off today! No worries, I’ll just chop it apart and layer it on a new card. Big Shot BasicsToday’s Teach Me Tuesday

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