12 Days of Gifts: Tea Bag Holder

Hello! Welcome back to Day three of 12 Days of Gifts. Today’s idea is perfect for a co-worker, the kids’ teacher or bus driver or even the mailman — although he or she might be bummed she wouldn’t be able to drink it on the road! It’s a cute little tea bag pocket. It’s super simple to make — you just size your pouch according to the size of your tea bag. My version is 3.25 x 3.25 (so a 6.5 inch bu 3.25 inch piece of patterned paper folded in half) and it’s a little snug so you could add a little bit of space if you wanted. I used sticky strip to adhere the left hand edge so it doesn’t pop open. I also used a generic, girly style for mine, but you could easily make this a holiday theme, which would be fun, too. I attached one of our super fun clothespins to the tea bag so your “gift-ee” can just pull it out using that. Fun, right? And as I said these are so simple you could easily make 10 to 20 of them in a night and leave them as little gifts on your co-workers

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