Stampin’ Up Leadership 2014: Overview

I probably should have posted this before my Manager’s Reception review, but, well, I’m kind of a backwards sort of girl… so be it. One of the things I love most about Leadership over Convention is that it’s a smaller more intimate crowd. There’s only about 1,000 people instead of upwards of 3,000 and 4,000 (Last year for the 25th anniversary there were almost 6,000)! Because it’s a much smaller crowd, Stampin’ Up actually provides us a plated lunch on two of the three days we are there. Now I forgot to take pictures of my actual meal on the second day (I got one of the salad and dessert, but not our chicken dish)… here was the line-up for Friday, January 10:  First up was the yummy salad to the right… I skipped the oranges or mangos or whatever it was… but I loved having the pecans on my salad… I do that at home, too! For our entree we had a roasted vegetable lasagna… I didn’t eat breakfast that morning so I was super hungry and ate the whole dang thing (but not before I got a picture!). Last up was the cute little apple tartlet thing… I love fruit, but not as part of

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