Spring has sprung!

For the past week or so I’ve been stalking this single tulip that found its way into an ivy bush right outside our side door. Matt says it has been there for years now, but I’ve been here with him for the past 3 years and I don’t ever remember seeing this tulip outside the door before. And I think I would remember as tulips are my favorite! I’m so glad that I finally took a second, though, Thursday morning to snap a quick picture of the bud. It had been there for days but was mostly green up until that morning. This was the first time it had a hint of color at all to it. And this is likely why… by the time I came home from work that afternoon, my lovely little tulip looked like this: Isn’t it pretty? I love all the deep colors in it. It’s funny because I had to wait a few minutes to get this shot because there was a big ugly spider crawling all over it when I took this photo (he is actually inside on the lower left petal… yuck! I was going to post the photo I had taken

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