Happy New Year

I say it every year…. I love a New Year. You can get rid of any negatives from the previous year, build on any successes and best of all wipe the slate clean if you choose to! Of course, you can do this at any time of year, but for some reason for me I always find the beginning of the year very inspiring. I’ve been scouring all my favorite blogs this past week taking in others’ resolutions, “One Word” picks, and plans for 2011. I have to be honest that I haven’t really been able to pinpoint my thoughts on this year… so no real insightful thinking to share with you today… but perhaps in the not too distant future… 😉 I figured since I can’t really collect all my goals, aspirations and desires for 2011 yet, I’d share my favorite projects from 2010. Have a look back… January: While I didn’t actually create this layout in January… I made it to commemorate my first trip to Leadership, which was in Phoenix, Arizona last year. This was a big milestone for me for a couple of reasons — first it was my first flight alone ever! (Not necessarily something

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