Happy New Year!

Happy 2018! Each year for the past three years I’ve picked a word at the start of the new year to hopefully guide me during the next 365 days. I’ve never actually written about my word here on the old blog – because it’s sadly been a bit neglected – but I’d thought I’d share this year. Let’s look back first… I actually remember my words from the previous years, and while I might not remember exactly why I picked them or how they showed up in my life — I can still share them with you to give you ideas in case you decide to try this for yourself. 2014 – GROW In 2014 I was really working towards building my Stampin’ Up business to full-time status so I’m sure that is largely why I selected this word. I try and pick a word that reflects both my business and my personal life, though, so I imagine I was trying to grow in some way personally, too — and I’m sure it wasn’t in the waist! Ha! 2015 – SHINE For 2015, I was looking to really shine — I wanted to better my best in everything I did,

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