When the scrapbooker goes to far….

Hi there blog friends! Interesting title, huh? Well, I have a rather silly story for you today. So, whenever I want to take pictures for the little blog I take my cards outside and stage them on my deck (best lighting ever in the afternoon). Well, I went out there today forgetting that we had a little “incident” on the deck a few days ago. I woke up one morning and found five piles of poo on the back deck. What the heck? We don’t have dogs. We don’t have cats. We don’t even have fish. So where is this poop coming from — and so much. Overnight. And on the deck? So we’ve determined it is raccoon doo-doo. I don’t know… did they get “trapped” in the three-sided enclosed deck? Not sure. But anyway, flash forward to today when I’m trying to avoid the little mounds on the deck as I take photos and I think, I should take a picture. Wait, what? Did I just say I’m going to take a picture of poo? Ok… so the scrapbooker in me went a little too far (well, actually I didn’t — because I didn’t actually take the picture —

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