The Crying Curse is over!

Apr 12, 2017 | By the Shore Stamping, Jen Pitta, OnStage, Stamp Set Showcase, Stampin' Up

I survived! For those of you that are on my email list, you may remember that I had a big presentation this past weekend at the Stampin’ Up OnStage event.

I got to present some ideas for a new stamp set from the 2017-2018 annual catalog coming out in June.

During rehearsals on Friday, I was super nervous… I really wanted to vomit before it was my turn to have my “test” run. But I made it through that (and actually nailed the time allotment I had!) so I was feeling much better.

On the day of the actual presentation I went over a bit on my time, and forgot to mention one important part of the stamp set, but overall it was fine. It was kind of funny because at the beginning I told them a little bit about my previous public speaking experiences (the fact that I always cried) so I told them not to yell at me if they couldn’t see something or if I did something wrong as I’d probably cry (I was really only joking — well, kind of). Well, for my first two projects the camera wasn’t working, but no one told me! They were so good (and didn’t want to make me cry!). I finally figured it out and remedied the problem, and all was good. Seriously, you couldn’t ask for a better audience then a bunch of crafters… they are really the sweetest kind of people!

I was really happy that I had the first stamping presentation of the day. It allowed me to get it over with and then I could focus on all the other speakers (because I was certainly in no condition to listen during rehearsals!). There was so much great information about the new product lines and stamp sets… this new catalog is truly beautiful! I can’t wait for you to see it!
This was my very happy “after” walk back to my seat. I was so relieved to have it done. 🙂 It was truly an honor to be asked … and actually a bit fun once I settled down (probably about 10 minutes after I sat down! Ha!). 
So thanks again for all your kind words and positive thoughts last week. It really helped to know that I had so many friends back home rooting for me. You are the best! Here are a couple more photos… This first one is of me and Kim Fifita. She’s the Communications Manager for Stampin’ Up. She was the person who asked me to present and she was really the sweetest! And she did an amazing job on her talks and stamping showcase! She made the event really fun, so I’m glad I got to work with her…
And one last one… this one is kind of funny. When Kim was telling me to show up for rehearsal she told me that she’d be the one with the bright red hair and Mike would be the tallest guy in the room. So I said, “well, I’ll likely be the shortest girl in the room.” So, needless to say Mike and I made a fun picture! He’s 6 foot 6 inches tall! 
I don’t even make it to his shoulders!! Too funny… anyway, thanks again for all the support. Hope you enjoyed these pictures… I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of new catalog projects in the weeks to come so stay tuned. And be sure to sign up for my email list (if you haven’t already) as I’m very good at sending that out once a week with a new video! (In fact I did a new one today if you didn’t see it! Check it out HERE.)
Thanks for stopping by!

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