Confession Time: Hidden Secrets of an Infrequent Scrapbooker

Oct 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

I love to scrapbook, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at this mess. If I’m honest, I think the reason why I haven’t scrapbooked my own photos in ages, is because I’m overwhelmed. Do you ever feel that way?

But I’m committed to fixing this process for myself, and I have a feeling that you may be struggling with this issue, too. Whether it is physical photos like mine, or perhaps a web of digital pictures that could span the earth – or both – I’m determined to develop a process for tackling my photo storage so that I can find photos when I need/want them, and keep track of the ones I want to scrap.

So I’d love to know, if you like to scrapbook, what are YOUR struggles around scrapbooking? Why don’t you do it more often? What would make it easier for you? What do you enjoy about scrapbooking? Why do you think it is important?

As I work through this struggle myself, I’d like to think about ways I can streamline the process and potentially help you, too!

I’ve literally shared a deep dark secret from my closet today (ha!) – so let me know what struggles you have around this area — and feel free to share what is working for you, too! 

Until next time… stay out of my closet! 😉



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